SS21 Children in the garden

Personal project created to develop my skills in children's illustration and to showcase my style to dream clients. Inspired by my love of summer, nature, and playfulness, I drew an imagined scene with young preschool children. Look closely and you'll see each one is doing their own thing, jumping, playing and planting in the garden. True to life, they're not all happy either!

I started with research into types of garden plants, collecting photos and sketches, and sketching photos of children in different activities.

The next step was to draw the linework, for which I used a UniPin Fine Line 0.7 on FSC white card. Once scanned in, I used Photoshop to develop the layout, and clean up the illustration where needed.

Finally I chose a summery, vibrant colour palette from photographs, and added colour and depth in Adobe Illustrator.

Always interested in commissions and collaborations - get in touch to discuss your project.