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It’s important to me to identify as bisexual, because I do wish I had heard people speak about bisexuality more or seen it more in the media & the world around me when I was growing up.

It's only from attending Pride in London, meeting other bi folks and following Instagram accounts such as @rubyrare, @janellemonae, @roxanegay74, @we_are_biscuit and @notdefining, I have been able to untangle the things that were standing in the way of realising my identity.

So this is my small gesture to increase bi representation and to signpost you to follow some of these amazing accounts who will be able to inform and educate you far better than I can!

Font credit: Adriane Text by Marconi Lima of Typefolio. I always look to use fonts designed by Black or female typographers and credit them wherever possible.

Project completed January 2021.

To Buy

Available for licensing. If you’d like something similar, let’s chat!

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