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Big Number Cards

Another year older! I love birthdays, and so for me this was particularly fun to create. When you’re little, every birthday is a big one - my son can’t wait to be 7 and he dreams of being 8! These cards are part of my range of modern illustrated cards for children, printed on recycled board. This design can be adapted for a range of children’s ages.


My illustration process starts with visual research and sketching roughs, then linework drawn by hand using my favourite Unipin fineliner. I scan this in and clean up in Photoshop, sometimes adjusting the layout too. I bring this into Illustrator where I add colour, shading and experiment with the palette.

These children started out as part of an illustrated garden scene to develop my book illustration skills. Using Photoshop to separate the kids from the background, I positioned them on to a bright graphic backdrop that I created in Illustrator.

I always look to use fonts designed by Black or female typographers and credit them wherever possible. Font Credit: Omnes by Joshua Darden of Darden Studio (link below).

Project completed November 2021.

To Buy

Available for licensing or wholesale only. Please contact me directly for commissions or other licensing enquiries.

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