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Smiley World

This commission by Escondido Preparatory School in California was to create an illustration for screen-printed t-shirts for their pupils, and I created this fun globe design. The t-shirts brought the children closer together in lockdown and helped the primary school raise funds for pupil resources.

Later I developed this cute character into full colour as an Earth Hour prompt for my Instagram followers.


The school screen-printed the t-shirt in one colour so it was important for me to take this into consideration with the illustration and artwork. Following a briefing meeting with the client, I created pencil roughs and we chose to develop this character holding the banner. I drew the linework by hand and then used Illustrator to transform this into vector artwork. The school colours were red and white, and I created a version for each colour t-shirt.

For the full colour version I selected a cute and colourful colour palette and made some adjustments to the design to incorporate the Earth Hour call to action.

Font for the one colour design is Chelsea Market Pro by Crystal Kluge. Font for the Earth Hour design is Petala by Marconi Lima. I always look to use fonts designed by Black or female typographers and credit them wherever possible.

Project completed March 2021.

To Buy

This piece is not available to license. If you’d like something similar, let’s chat!

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