AW21 Single Parent Rights

I was so happy to illustrate this series highlighting achievements and key statistics for the awesome Single Parent Rights Campaign. Single Parent Rights are calling on the UK government to add single parents as a protected characteristic to the Equality Act. 

The illustrations feature simplified figures representing campaigners and single parents, in big moments like the first campaign success in 2020 which resulted in ALL OF US having support bubbles. (not just single parents).

Look closely at the 80% illustration and you’ll see some examples of the types of discrimination that 80% of single parents face. (The full report on this awesome research was featured in the Guardian)

The bright colour palette against the campaign’s green background makes these pieces really impactful. Single Parent Rights’ founder and director Ruth is so insightful and energised so it was a privilege to work on these. 

And as a single parent I can see how much difference it would make to mine and others’ lives if we were part of the Equality Act - we face discrimination in housing, employment, and access to services to name just a few areas. So for me being a part of this campaign is even more important.

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