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Call to Action Gifs - Single Parent Rights

Single Parent Rights Campaign founder Ruth was looking for refreshed graphics to highlight actions that site visitors can take to support the campaign. As part of the project I also created gifs that could be used to spotlight the top priority actions on the homepage or social media.

The campaign is calling on the UK government to add single parents as a protected characteristic to the Equality Act. It was a joy to work on something with such a strong purpose and to contribute to a campaign that works tirelessly to improve the lives of single parents.

Photo attribution (links below)
UK Government Official Portraits
Rupa Huq
Therese Coffey
Kemi Badenoch
Steven Bonnar
Creative Commons 3.0 License


At the briefing meeting we discussed the journey of site visitors and the priority actions that we wanted visitors to take. We also decided to edit some of the wording. Working with existing brand colours and fonts, I created new top-priority and secondary priority call to action graphics. These work for mobile and desktop versions of the site and can be clicked on individually. I provided these as Canva files for future editing and use. After agreeing final amends, I created gifs to highlight the top priority points.

Project completed February 2022.

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All copyright owned by Single Parent Rights. To brief a similar design project for your business, get in touch.

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