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Event Marketing Gif - Connected Conscious

I was approached to design a social media ad to promote this Connected Conscious event, and created a gif for the client in addition to providing separate graphics for social media. Connected Conscious was founded by coach Cheryl May Ndione who ‘connects depleted & disconnected mothers who are stuck in negative emotions to their true sovereign selves’.


I arranged a briefing meeting with the client to discuss the desired outcome and the audience for this promotion. From this point I created a sketch and presented to the client for feedback. We agreed on adjustments and final copy for the ad, then I designed a series of graphics in keeping with the brand feel and colours. One final round of feedback allowed for small amends to the design and the assets were delivered to the client on time.

Project completed August 2021.

“Love working with Rachel. She's talented and professional.”

Cheryl Ndione, Connected Conscious
August 2021

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