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I have the power

Thanks for the prompt British Red Cross - in December 2020 they called out for artists to be part of their ‘I have the power’ merchandise range, raising funds for their charity work.

My inspiration came from attending Pip Illustrations' event 'Championing Black representation' with The Association of Illustrators Bristol meet up. Aimée Felone from Knights Of publishing and illustrator Charlot Kristensen spoke about the importance of black illustrators being hired to tell stories about more than black culture.

It was a super thought-provoking, important and honest discussion. It really made me think. We need to BE the change, in all aspects of our lives. We can all do our bit, whatever our profession, whether that's conversations with family and friends or finding ways to protest and call out misrepresentation. We have the power!

Project completed December 2020.

To Buy

Available for licensing. If you’d like something similar, let’s chat!

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