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Christmas Digger

These cards were created for kids who love vehicles, with my son in mind! The design comes in multiple skin tones which is super important to me, as under-representation is part of racism affecting children from a very young age. The design is available for different captions including First Christmas, Grandson, Granddaughter, Son, Daughter, Nephew and Niece.


My illustration process starts with research and sketching roughs, to keep these vehicles as accurate as possible! Then linework is drawn by hand using my favourite Unipin fineliner. I scan this in and clean up a little in Photoshop, sometimes adjusting the layout too. I keep all the texture of the line and any irregularities as this is part of my style. I bring the linework into Illustrator where I can add colour fills, shading and experiment with the colour palette - as well as type.

Representation is so important in illustration especially for children. Including Black characters and a diverse range of skin tones is essential to my work.

Project completed October 2020.

To Buy

These cards are not currently available to buy. To commission something similar or to request a personalised version get in touch.

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