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Christmas Tree

This illustration started with a sketch I created while sitting on my sofa looking at my Christmas tree. I like to let my son decorate the tree and choose where things go, and as a result it’s quite haphazard and covered with all kinds of interesting ornaments. I wanted to capture this tree and use it to design a traditional Christmas card.


My illustration process starts with sketching roughs, then linework drawn by hand using my favourite Unipin fineliner. I scan this in and clean up in Photoshop, sometimes adjusting the layout too. In this case, the detail on the baubles was drawn separately and then added in using Photoshop. I bring the linework into Illustrator where I can add colour fills, shading and experiment with the colour palette. Here I’ve chosen a bold colour palette and jewel shades to add depth and Christmas richness.

The font is Spinnaker designed by Elena Albertoni. I always look to use fonts designed by Black or female typographers and credit them wherever possible.

Featured by Hive Collective on Instagram December 2021.

To Buy

These cards are not currently available to buy. To commission something similar or to request a personalised version get in touch.

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