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Footprints Project Infographic

Illustrating statistics in an approachable and engaging way is one of my favourite briefs to tackle. Footprints Project is a not-for-profit organisation bringing a sense of community, hope and increased self-worth to socially excluded people, reducing reoffending and building stronger communities.

This infographic illustrates the positive impact that the organisation’s support had on women finding employment. As part of the branding package that I provided, I included individual assets that can be used to create their future infographics.


After a briefing meeting with the client, my illustration process starts with research and sketching roughs, which I share by email. We agree on options and any changes or preferences the client would like. For this piece, I sketched out different ways of representing the data, before moving on to linework.

I draw the linework by hand using my favourite Unipin fineliner. I scan this in and clean up in Photoshop, sometimes adjusting the layout too. I bring this into Illustrator where I add colour and experiment with the palette. For this piece I also translated the linework into vectors so they can be easily resized as needed. The illustrations feature characters in a simplified style, with a warm colour palette that reflects the client’s brand.

The font is Ernestine Pro designed by Nina Stössinger. I always look to use fonts designed by Black or female typographers and credit them wherever possible.

Project completed June 2021

To Buy

These illustrations are owned by Footprints Project Ltd.
Please contact me directly for commissions or other licensing enquiries.

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