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Frolo Gifs

I teamed up with Frolo to create a series of illustrated gif stickers for them and their followers to use on instagram. Frolo is a single parent community so it was a privilege to work on this- to find out more go to or @frolo_app on Instagram. The client needed stickers that a large number of single parents would relate to, and that would also promote the Frolo app and give branding to their posts relating to Frolo meet ups and single parent life.


I started with research into sticker gifs and a meeting with the client to talk about their thoughts and vision. Looking at the stickers already in use on Frolo stories, I could see what was really working and what was popular. I sketched out ideas and sent 10 options from which the client chose 5 to be developed.

These I then illustrated and I spent time working with Frolo’s brand guidelines to ensure consistent colours in the illustrations.

The illustrations then went into Photoshop where I used stopframe animation to create 5 animated gifs for the client. You can see the stickers by searching ‘Frolo’ in sticker gifs in Instagram, or on Giphy.

Featured on Print and Pattern Blog - June 2021.

“Rachel was amazing to work with. She made sure she was aligned with our vision and is super efficient, not to mention talented! I would highly recommend her.”

Zoë, Frolo App
May 2021

To Buy

These illustrations are licensed to Frolo as animated sticker gifs for online use on social media only.
Please contact me directly for commissions or other licensing enquiries.

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