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  • rachelslcockburn

Alternative North Devon design icons

Growing up in a small town in Devon near the seaside, some things have become iconic for me. In April, back in my home town, I felt a rush of love, seeing the things that were everyday for me as a kid, but that now I realise only exist in that place. Like giant silver fish on lamp-posts.

And this traditional lettering - from local legends Hocking’s ice cream and Roly’s fudge.

And of course, the amusement arcade decor - it’s gaudy, it’s loud, it’s in your face - and I kind of love it. Brings back memories of rainy days and time with friends and family.

Have I missed any out? It feels like a project illustrating seaside towns like this in the UK is long overdue for me - these are the little details that make up the spirit of a place, beyond the gorgeous landscape and sea air.

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